Is the iPhone 4s really worth the upgrade?


What is really the benefit if you went out to purchase an iPhone 4s over the iPhone 4?

-Well for starters, the iPhone 4s has an upgraded camera that delivers 8 MP (1080p) HD video recording as oppose to 5MP with (720p) of video recording in the previous model.

-iPhone 4s comes with A5 Dual Processor chip.

-Something new to introduce is SIRI, where Apple claims will allow the users to run any function and operation by using your voice as a command input. You can use your voice to send text, or iMessages, set reminders, search the web, and many more.



-With the ISO5, this improved operating system has added new notification center that is easy to ready and understand. Just swipe your finger from top to bottom, and you can view you notifications, and the weather.

-The most noticeable advancement with the ISO 5, is the iCloud. iCloud allows the user to access to store information and back-up information from your phone over the internet, and can be used to restore and retrieve lost data.

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Java for MAc OS X Lion

Since Mac OS X Lion has been introduced, I’ve been receiving comments and complaints on how to access Java that is compatible for OS X Lion. the link is the following…….



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Bring back the Honda Accord Hybrid

May I ask? Whatever happened to the Honda Accord Hybrid. It’s estimated fuel economy were 25 mpg in the city, and 33 mpg on the highway. Most importantly though, Honda wanted to go to a different approach when they created the Honda Accord V6 Hybrid. This Hybrid vehicle in particular was the worlds first performance hybrid sedan during the year of 2005. Some people complained that Honda could have done much better in the fuel economy segment, but getting much better fuel economy out a V6 other than an all petrol V6, I would not complain. Besides, who would want to turn down the performance factor that this car offered. It is a shame that Honda discontinued this model, and have no plans of bringing it back anytime soon. Judging that the Accord Hybrid was only offered in a V6, Honda may have a better opportunity next time by offering a I4 cylinder as well, in order to compete well with Toyota Camry Hybrid, and among others.

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Verizon iPhone


Many argue over which has better service and wireless reception. Well, Verizon and the iPhone have finally collaborated and came up with, “Verizon iPhone 3G.” For the people who already have a iPhone, but on the AT&T network, will this make many people drop their AT&T service plan for the Verizon 3G wireless. There has been many desperate reports of iPhone users who are willing to drop their AT&T plan, but didn’t want any other phone than the iPhone. Now, that is no longer the case, because having a Verizon iPhone in stores. This will give consumers the opportunity to decide what is best for them. However, just because there is now a Verizon iPhone, don’t expect it to be any different than the AT&T model. The only difference is its calling quality, thanks to Verizon, and another fact that Verizon doesn’t have drop calls. Other than that, the Verizon iPhone is identical to its AT&T counterpart, but there is one difference in data speeds. Reviewers argue that Verizon device are indeed slower than AT&T’s, but speeds are also always more consistent, and Verizon’s reception is more readily available.

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Are we to expect a Diesel Range-Rover anytime soon?

Range Rover’s  4.4-liter V8 turbo-diesel engine was first uncovered  in Portugal of last year. Now the stunning new engine is available to Australian buyers as well.The 4.4L TDV8 replaces the 3.6L diesel model. This particular model is now offering 15 per cent more power (for 240kW) and improved torque, now 700Nm. The latest TDV8 is matched to an eight-speed transmission from ZF. Land Rover attributes the diesel’s sub-10L/100km (9.4L) fuel consumption figure, which is an 18.5 per cent improvement over the 3.6L 11.1.

In regards to efficiency, Land Rover’s Intelligent Power Management System is designed to recover energy to charge the battery whenever the engine is not under load, and is standard. The diesel Vogue uses the same Brembo braking system that is applied to the 5.0L petrol V8 model, with 380mm front discs and 365mm at the rear. Hill start assist, and gradient acceleration control, which applies brake pressure to maintain speed while descending hill slopes, has been added to the brand’s, “Terrain Response System.”

Rear-seat accommodation came in for a major improvement with the for this years release. The chauffeur-oriented role that some Range Rovers serve encouraged the brand to up the luxury stakes with features such as reclining rear seats. Options include Harman Kardon stereo system, rear privacy glass and adaptive cruise control.

Visit the Car sales Network again for our drive impressions of the new Range Rover Vogue 4.4 TDV8.

5.0L V8 Vogue $158,100
4.4L TDV8 Vogue $160,500
4.4L TDV8 Vogue Luxury $184,200
4.4L TDV8 Autobiography $212,500
5.0L V8 Supercharged Autobiography $230,000

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Buick Regal GS

Ignoring the GNX, the 255-hp 2012 Buick Regal GS is the most powerful turbo Buick to come out of GM, and it starts with an inline-4. Surprisingly, it isn’t a V6.

The engine powering this Opel in Buick clothes is a 2.0-liter Ecotec four-cylinder. The engine has direct fuel injection, variable valve timing on intake, exhaust, and a redline of 6,350 rpm. This is good for 255 hp at 5,300 rpm and 295 pound-feet of torque at 2,500-4,000 rpm. Thanks to a 3-inch exhaust, higher boost and a tune, this is 35 hp more than the same engine sitting in the Regal CXL.

Mike Anderson, Ecotec global chief engineer and program manager, has compared this engine favorably to larger V6 power plants. “We’ve been combining direct injection and variable valve timing with boosted engines since 2006, and there’s no question the Regal GS turbo has the responsiveness and acceleration of a 3.5-liter V6, while delivering the fuel economy of a 2.0-liter four.”

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Nissan Juke


Engine Configuration:

Juke renewed model of Nissan, Nissan Dynamic Control System (NDCS) is waiting for you thanks to the unique driving pleasure.Sports can offer you maximum security and comfort of a new Nissan vehicle has more to juke. Juke New Nissan, Nissan’s new Dynamic Control System with the Sports, Normal, and Eco can choose one of three driving modes.

117HP 1.6-liter engine that produces smooth power and has the X-TRONIC CVT transmission options. DCI 110hp diesel engine producing 240Nm of torque 1.5 l with the value of power consumption value of 5.1 liters of fuel is making to the bore.DIG-T is the base model 1.6-liter, 240 Nm of torque turbocharged engine that produces 190HP and new technologies available power. Plain X-TRONIC automatic transmission and CVT-M6 transmission options are in this version.Vehicle’s maximum speed is 215 km / h Acceleration 0-100 km / h in 8.4 seconds, fuel consumption is 10.2 liters urban, suburban 6.0 liter, 7.6 liter average fuel consumed.Vehicle dimensions: length 4135 mm, width 1765 mm, height 1565mm, 251lt luggage capacity, and empty weight 1383 kg.

The car’s  safety equipment includes the following of ABS, EBD, Brake Assist System, Front and rear disc brakes, driver and passenger side and curtain airbags, Remote Controlled Central Lock System, EPS.

Interior Specs:

Trip Computer, Radio CD, MP3, Audio Out, Steering Control Music System, Bluetooth, Speed Stabilization System, NDSC (Nissan Dynamic Control System), Auto-blown headlights, rain sensor, Intelligent Key, Nissan Connect Multi Media System.

Juke’s Unique features includes, Air conditioning (automatic), power windows, interior sport seats, leather seats (optional), leather steering wheel, gear shift knob. The exterior view: body-colored side mirrors, body-color bumpers, front fog lamp, body-color door handles, folding side mirrors, 17 “Aluminum Alloy Wheels (Sport Type), darkened rear windows, body-colored side mirrors, body-color bumpers, Front fog lamp, body-color door handles, folding side mirrors, 17 “Aluminum Alloy Wheels, darkened rear windows.


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2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI


With 305 horsepower already on tap from the STI’s turbocharged flat-four, there wasn’t much need for more power, so Subaru’s engineers focused on what needed help the most: the suspension and on-road handling. The upgrades made to create the 2010 STI Special Edition were only the beginning; the ’11 STI goes further with an even more aggressive suspension to reduce body roll and create more neutral handling. Compared with last year’s STI, the ride has been lowered and both the front and rear anti-roll bars have been beefed-up in diameter by 1 mm. Stiffer springs—to the tune of 15.6 percent in the front and 53 percent in the rear—are installed, as are more rigid rear sub-frame bushings and new pillow-ball bushings in the front. Subaru says that extensive testing on the Nürburgring resulted in crisper handling while maintaining a livable ride.

Beyond its new sedan body style, the STI gains some other aesthetic tweaks for 2011. Like the ’11 WRX, the grille is revised, the bumpers are more aggressive, and the fog lights are blacked-out. But differentiating the STI from the lesser WRX is the huge rear spoiler—Subaru says it enhances high-speed stability and helps achieve zero aerodynamic lift—and polished quad tailpipes. New standard 18-inch wheels are said to save a total of 17.6 pounds over the old rims. BBS-brand 18s will continue to be optional, and both rollers will come wearing summer-only 245/40 Dunlop SP600 rubber. The 2011 Subaru WRX STI sedan will be now available in a sedan, and its well known hatch back design.

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